The Nike SuperRep 2 – The Best Sneaker for Your Workout

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 The Nike SuperRep 2

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, or just maintain your current level of fitness, it can be tough to find the right sneaker that works with your exercise routine. One pair might work well for running and not work so well at the gym. 

Another pair might give you great support while you’re lifting weights but be terrible to wear while walking around all day at work or school. Fortunately, there’s one pair of sneakers that I believe are the best overall when it comes to getting your sweat on—the Nike SuperRep 2!

What is Nike SuperRep 2?

If you’re in search of a sneaker that can do it all, it may seem like there aren’t many options. You want something versatile enough to get your heart pumping at the gym and sturdy enough to endure a day of running errands. 

Look no further than Nike’s newest innovation, available exclusively at your local Nordstrom store! What does it offer? A lightweight mesh upper offers optimal breathability, and Nike superrep 2 can be worn both on-and-off courts. There are also speckled details on both sides of these kicks to make them stand out from other brands.

Nike SuperRep 2 – Who is it For?

There are so many sneakers to choose from these days that it can be tough to find just one pair that is perfect for both everyday wear and your active lifestyle. No matter what you want out of a shoe, though, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Nikes. 

For women who love to work out, specifically, those who enjoy cardio workouts, we recommend adding a pair of Nikes to your collection. While some might only think of running shoes when they hear Nike, they make so much more than that! In fact, Nike was founded on creating quality sports equipment—including sneakers—for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Why Choose SuperRep 2?

Lightweight and flexible, the Nike Super Rep 2 shoes are ideal for training and staying in shape. If you’re tired of heavy sneakers that make your feet feel like they’re in a vice, these can make a big difference. 

Though these shoes are lightweight, you will still get great arch support—which is especially helpful if you have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. And don’t worry if you tend to overpronate; these shoes feature a wide base that helps stabilize your ankles and prevent them from rolling inward. They’re also designed with mesh around your toes to increase airflow. 

No matter what type of workout or training regimen you follow, try out one of these great pairs of men’s athletic shoes by Nike!

Where Can I Get Nike SuperRep?

You can buy a pair on Amazon or directly from Nike. Just head to their site and type Nike SB into their search bar. 

You’ll get to a page where you can enter your shoe size and add them to your cart!  If I had any money I would buy these shoes, but sadly I am broke. (Get it? Because… Nah.) Anyway, real talk though: These are sneakers! They’re awesomely retro in style and super light in weight, which is important when you’re bouncing around while at work or busy creating short-distance goals with jumps, bounds, hops, and shuffles all day long. Seriously. 

Head over to Amazon right now and read some of these reviews. They sound amazing

How Does Nike SuperRep Fit, and Support Me?

Designed with both runners and fitness enthusiasts in mind, the Nike Super Rep II has a wide toe box and breathable mesh upper. That, along with its stability-enhancing midsole, makes it one of our favorite running sneakers for women who want to hit the gym after work. 

And if you’re a little more into fashion than function, but still want a pair of high-performance shoes? Just slip off your sneaks after a tough workout and style them with an on-trend skirt or dress!

How Many Colors are There?

Since its inception, there have been quite a few different versions of Nike’s flagship training shoe. And if you’re looking to pick up some new sneakers, here are some facts you should know before you go shopping

There are seven colors in total, but not all of them are available at stores or online. When it comes to availability, there is no rhyme or reason—in other words, it just depends on when and where you look.

How Much Should I Spend on New Shoes?

If you’re just hitting up your neighborhood park or gym on weekends, a $30 pair of running shoes should do. But if you’re serious about working out, you’ll want to invest in quality sneakers. As a general rule of thumb, athletes should look for shoes that have flexible soles and can provide ample support and stability. 

So how much is enough? To get started, aim to spend between $50 and $80 on footwear that is fitted specifically to your needs; again, athletic gear stores are a great place to purchase high-quality sneakers at competitive prices.

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