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The Episode starts with we are shown the inside scene of castle where an old butler is very upset as all the people there are dying of hunger. The Duke doesn’t do anything about it and all of a sudden the attack is begin on castle. when he is seen outside. 
Soldiers are fighting outside and fireballs are being fired from above. Seeing this, he says it would necessarily be the Imperial Army which
King has sent the Zeros when he looks nearby, The duke standing there. he calls the duke. but It is too late to get out of there and by then because the fireball hits the Duke as well and everyone dies in the same way over the Butler. 

In the next day we see, The same butler has become incarnated and has come to the past. he reborn as the duke in his younger days 20 years ago.
After being reincarnated inside this body, after locking himself inside the room for a few days, he investigates everything about the duke in order to replace the duke and stay here and stop the incoming disaster.
Then in the next day we see a scene from a few days later where the butler who is in duke body, is having breakfast with his sister. We are told about that girl along. then we tell about the cheryl, Aaron’s Little Sister Imperial Princess. 
The duke is in Aaron’s body, now we call duke “Aaron”.
He tells is sister that time has come. His sister says What time has come for? Then we see they reach another place. He is accompanied by Knight Captain Rommel, who is an unofficial Swordmaster. Rommel asks them. You had asked me to handle the food supply, so why have you brought me here with Armor?
Aaron tells that Emperor Zerone is planning to kill them. Both of them are very surprised to hear, then cheryl asks Aaron. Why did he kill us, didn’t he promise our father that he will not kill us, aaron tells them that its not strange for that promise to be broken as long as we have a right to succession. and, not only that, 
I acquired information that he is taking part in underground work to break his promise, and i think it is the time to used that thing
cheryl agrees And used her magic, she opens a portal. Then those people come inside that portal. This place is frozen land. Then after coming there, cheryl uses one of his magic. A ball of fire comes out of it. 
Then they turn into many fireballs. Knight Captain Rommel gets very surprised to see this that what happens, then says, it is an inferno!!. How can you use one? Chanel turns that fork over a mountain, which completely destroys that mountain.
Seeing such a condition of the mountain, Rommel would have been very shock. then we told here. cheryl 7th-circle Mage(unofficial). Romil is shocked to know that she is also unofficial. cheryl tells him. There is nothing like this in front of my brother. Aaron said, let’s try it out. i hope it goes well.   
After this we are shown the scene of the previous day. Where Aaron reads the diary of duke. According to this diary, the duke is a grandmaster-rank Swordsman. This means Arun is also use this power.
In Present.
After which Arun, coming forward, lifts his sword and does an x-wing. Very strong lighting starts coming out from inside his shot and wind also starts blowing.   
Then it will get stuck. The ray hits the mountain, due to which that mountain is cut in two pices. Rommel is very shocked to seeing this.
Next we see a Dragon in the sky that is going somewhere. Feels that he has given his blessing to someone thousands of years ago.
And after coming down, he changes himself into a human and says let’s go and see. Wh has got my blessings.
And with that Chapter 1 comes to an end.

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